Growing your business online can be confusing, overwhelming and time-consuming. Engaging your customers or just making it an easier experience is no easy task. BAT Digital Marketing offers a large variety of services that will help your business grow an online presence and eliminate obscurity in your market. We will make you visible and grow your business!

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First impressions are quite important when it comes to gaining new customers. Your website is your hardworking salesman that shows off who you are and what you have to offer. In today’s market, your website is so much more than a simple informational representation of your business. It is your first and potentially only opportunity to secure customers. This is a vital part of your business.

Designing the right website for the job is critical and has many key components – it is a mix of visual appeal, proper content, SEO strategy, responsive web design and industry know-how. We are experienced in web design and are eager to design the perfect website to help build your business quickly.

Our designers will get to know you as a client, ensuring your website is as innovative and professional as you are, and provide strategic insights that drive results. We’ll create a timeline, detailed project plan, and a web strategy that takes your competitive landscape into account and focuses on your individual project goals.


What makes an effective website banner ad is not the same as an effective Instagram ad. Your ad needs to stand out in a sea of posts. It needs to be able to stop a viewer mid-scroll and engage them right away. Facebook and Instagram have an ability to target specific demographics that is unrivaled, allowing you to reach motivated sections of your audience.

All Facebook and Instagram ads have three things in common. First, they are visual. Visual content is preferred by the Facebook algorithm. Ideally, that means video; but striking still images also work. Second, they are relevant to the viewer, which means you identify the audience that is most likely to engage with the content – which Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms allow us to do with razor precision. Lastly, they have a call to action. They create a sense of urgency for the viewer to click now or read more. Within these simple rules, there is expansive room to be creative and innovative with your brand’s voice. The more creative, entertaining, and focused your advertising, the more people will engage the ad, boosting your spot in the algorithms.

We have years of experience in creating engaging, effective, stylish social media marketing. Our team is constantly learning to keep ahead of the current algorithmic trends, and we use the most up-to-date analytics to drive customer conversion. In our hands, your company can rise above the media chatter and be heard.


Promoting your business on all corners of the web is vital to an effective digital marketing plan. From effective keywords to banner ads across a network of millions of websites and apps, or even sponsored search results that target customers specifically looking for someone like you, managing your Google presence has never been more important. Google AdWords makes it possible to not only promote your ads across a network of millions of sites, but it also gives the flexibility to track and manage your results, pinpoint the most effective markets and tools for your particular needs, and offer up possible new outlets to spread your brand’s message.

Our team has years of experience managing, budgeting, and tweaking promotions to use Google as efficiently as possible. It isn’t just about being everywhere; it’s about being where people want to see you. A great brand should not only stand out, it should influence and engage. We’ll create a digital marketing strategy for you that will allow customers to discover your brand, engage with your content, build awareness and ultimately grow your business.


eCommerce Ads


Imagine the possibility of sending pertinent information to the people that have told you they are interested in what you have to offer. Email is a highly effective form of advertising when done properly.

An engaging email marketing strategy will capture your clients’ attention longer than just a blip on their social media feeds. An email feels more personal and can increase trust in a company’s voice and intent, leading to more interaction with your content. It’s an excellent way to build relationships or communicate with leads in a way that feels vastly more personal than social media. And when it comes to customer conversion, email is still the clear winner, while costing a fraction of what other traditional outreach methods cost.

Dynamic subjects, strong messaging, striking visuals, intuitive engagement, and entertaining content are all part of an effective email marketing strategy. In addition to reinforcing your brand voice, a good email gives you a slightly longer time window to “hook” your reader, and the most effective email will give them strong incentive to convert to a site visit. Special offers, testimonials, coupons, contests, recipes, videos, company backstory…emails are where your customer engagement can truly shine.


In this day and age, it’s increasingly clear that the way to engage your customers is video. Video can be easily shared across all platforms in a way that a simple tweet or Facebook post cannot. It’s flexible and effective and means your message can remain consistent across the board. Video is also given obvious preference on search engines like Google and in the algorithms of Facebook and Instagram. It’s the perfect format to tell your company’s story with, to highlight customer testimonials, or even to demonstrate product effectiveness.

With our video production team, you’ll get a professional, clean, attractive product that can boost your engagement multiple times over. Our talented experts use cutting-edge equipment and software to craft a compelling story that will hook viewers and capture maximum attention. With our attention to technique and detail, analytic support, and high-quality pre and post-production service, we’ll create a video marketing strategy that is professional, engaging, and effective.


It is important to make sure your company is showing up in the same markets as your competition. Each business directory you use comes with a built-in base of potential customers. Business directories are especially important for local businesses, where customers are often searching blindly for your particular services. With business directory listings, which are often for particular niches or categories, you know your company is being seen by people who are looking specifically for your product or service. Multiple listings in credible directories will also exponentially increase algorithmic trust and move your site higher in the search engine rankings.

We’ll make sure your company is being listed in the most reputable and effective directories, getting you the most new customer engagement for your money. We’ll also make sure that your company listing is formatted and written to get the most out of each directory and update listings to make sure your company’s information is always correct and trustworthy.