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Email Marketing Services

Imagine the possibility of sending pertinent information to the people that have told you they are interested in what you have to offer. Email is a highly effective form of advertising when done properly.

An engaging email marketing strategy will capture your clients’ attention longer than just a blip on their social media feeds. An email feels more personal and can increase trust in a company’s voice and intent, leading to more interaction with your content. It’s an excellent way to build relationships or communicate with leads in a way that feels vastly more personal than social media. And when it comes to customer conversion, email is still the clear winner, while costing a fraction of what other traditional outreach methods cost.

Dynamic subjects, strong messaging, striking visuals, intuitive engagement, and entertaining content are all part of an effective email marketing strategy. In addition to reinforcing your brand voice, a good email gives you a slightly longer time window to “hook” your reader, and the most effective email will give them strong incentive to convert to a site visit. Special offers, testimonials, coupons, contests, recipes, videos, company backstory…emails are where your customer engagement can truly shine.