Facebook and Instagram Advertising Management

Facebook and Instagram Advertising Management2019-02-07T16:34:00+00:00

What makes an effective website banner ad is not the same as an effective Instagram ad. Your ad needs to stand out in a sea of posts. It needs to be able to stop a viewer mid-scroll and engage them right away. Facebook and Instagram have an ability to target specific demographics that is unrivaled, allowing you to reach motivated sections of your audience.

All Facebook and Instagram ads have three things in common. First, they are visual. Visual content is preferred by the Facebook algorithm. Ideally, that means video; but striking still images also work. Second, they are relevant to the viewer, which means you identify the audience that is most likely to engage with the content – which Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms allow us to do with razor precision. Lastly, they have a call to action. They create a sense of urgency for the viewer to click now or read more. Within these simple rules, there is expansive room to be creative and innovative with your brand’s voice. The more creative, entertaining, and focused your advertising, the more people will engage the ad, boosting your spot in the algorithms.

We have years of experience in creating engaging, effective, stylish social media marketing. Our team is constantly learning to keep ahead of the current algorithmic trends, and we use the most up-to-date analytics to drive customer conversion. In our hands, your company can rise above the media chatter and be heard.